Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guest Speaker for the 4th Graders!

The week before spring break, my fourth grade students and I were very lucky to have a guest in our classroom.  Scott Maki, the father of two of my students and a friend of mine, came to talk to the kids about his art and being an artist in our community.  Mr. Maki specializes in science fiction/comic book art.  He brought in many drawings and a really cool skateboard that he recently redesigned for a client.  He talked about his influences on his art (comic books, movies), how long he has been drawing (all his life!), the media he uses (markers, paint pens, paint), why he makes art (for clients and for sale at art shows and for self-expression!), and he also answered LOTS of questions.  Students were very inspired by Mr. Maki's art and couldn't wait to get drawing!  For the last fifteen minutes of class, Mr. Maki drew under the document camera while students drew their own comics.  Some didn't know what to draw, so I advised them to try a robot or an alien.  Like Mr. Maki says, you can't really make them wrong - robots can be made out of anything and aliens, well, does anyone really know what one looks like?  Kids were amazed at how quickly Mr. Maki could create such a detailed drawing.  He was quick to point out that if you want to get better at anything - sports, math, playing an instrument - you have to practice, practice, practice!

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