Friday, April 12, 2013

Georgia O'Keefe Flowers

This is my favorite project of the year!  It could be because O'Keefe is one of my all-time favorite artists, or maybe it was because of the excitement of the kids at making such a mess with a new medium.  No, I think it's because the projects are just so GORGEOUS!  This project was super messy, but sooooo worth it!

The first thing we did, was to watch a Brainpop Jr. video about Georgia O'Keefe.  Students learned that her paintings express a mood and feeling and that she painted things around her, especially nature.  She is known for painting flowers in way nobody ever had before - up close.

I showed students copies of her paintings...
and photos of real flowers.
Day 1:  Students looked at the pictures of flowers on the board and chose one that inspired them.  Then they drew the flower with pencil - making sure it went off the page.  Then, using a mixture of black tempera and glue in a glue bottle, students traced their pencil lines.
Day 2:  Students used good quality chalk pastels to color in their  flower.  I taught them to color in the petals with one color, then add highlights with a lighter related color, and shadows with a darker color.  They used the pictures of flowers on the board for inspiration when choosing their colors.  They blended the colors with one finger.  I sprayed them with workable fixative after school.

Click here to see the lesson that inspired this project.

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