Friday, March 29, 2013

Klimt Scratch Art

Scratch art is a staple of the art teacher's repetoire.  I've taught it in the past, but didn't always have a high ratio of successful projects. I used to let students choose their subject, some of which didn't fit with the medium.  When doing research, I stumbled upon a teacher's blog that used Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life as the subject of scratch art.  It worked!  More success through a more focused lesson.
Day 1 - Students colored an entire sheet of  9X12 drawing paper with crayon. I instructed them to press HARD so that all of the white is covered.  We used bright colors for lots of contrast with the black paint.  That comes next.
Day 2 - We painted over the crayon with black tempera paint mixed with a bit of soap.  The theory is that the soap makes the paint stick to the wax.

When kids were done painting, they made a sketch of their  tree that would be the subject of their scratch art.  I taught them how to make "y" treee that turned into curls and spirals, like The Tree of Life.  I emphasized the importance of practicing before we start scratching on their scratch art paper.  Once you start, you can't erase or start over.

Day 3 - Students used their sketch as a guide as they removed black paint with a wooden stylus.  As students start to reveal the bright colors underneath, there lots of excited ooohs and ahhhhs.  Students glued the completed project to a bright piece of construction paper to matt it.

Click here for the original lesson.

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