Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Geometric Leaf

Students used a real leaf as a pattern to draw their own leaf in pencil.  Then I had them put a small dot in the center of the leaf.  Next, I showed them how to use a ruler to draw straight lines connecting the dot to all the points on the leaf.  This gave them areas to paint in.  It also gave them some much-needed practice using a ruler.  Using small brushes, students were instructed to paint a different combination of warm colors in each section.  We used red, orange, yellow, brown, and a little green.  To avoid the paint all running together, as watercolor does, students skipped sections to allow each to dry a bit. Then they went back and painted the rest.  Some studetns had time to paint a cool-colored background - purple and blue.

This website is where the idea came from for this project.

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