Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skulls

Students learned about the holiday, Dia de Los Muertes (The Day of the Dead.)  It is a holiday celebrated throughout Latin America on November 1st and 2nd to remember family and friends who have died.  It sounds sad, but it's really a party to celebrate loved ones.  One component of the celebration includes sugar skulls, a confection used mostly as a decoration and is made of sugar and includes bright frosting details and sequins.
We started by watching a short informative video.  Then we folded 12X9 paper in fourths so that the proportions of the skull would be right.  Then we drew the outside of the skull.  We talked a lot about symmetry and how the skull should look the same on both sides.  Then we drew the mouth, eyes, nose, and all of the decorations.  I gave students handouts to inspire them.  I did have to remind them to draw large shapes, not tiny details.  After pencil, they outlined with Sharpie, erased pencil lines, colored with marker, cut it out, glued it on black paper, and finally added a foil flower.
 Clair brought in this Monster High doll.  So cool!

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