Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tissue Paper Poinsettias

Students used organically-shaped, ripped tissue paper to create poinsettias.  To begin, we talked about where poinsettias come from - locations near the equator, like Mexico and Hawaii.  Then I demonstrated how to tear petal and leaf shapes out of tissue paper.  We talked about using odd numbers, and how that is more asthetically pleasing in art projects.  So, we made 3 flowers with 5 or 7 red petals and an odd number of green leaves.  Students painted watered-down glue on their white paper first, and then laid the tissue paper in the glue.  Then they applied another layer of glue over the tissue paper.  In the next class period, students added a yellow center and a colored background with oil pastels.  We were very careful to leave a white edge around the flowers so they stood out against the background.  The last step was gluing the project to a black piece of construction paper.
Week One - Create the flowers
Week Two - Color the background

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