Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Circle Paintings

This fourth grade project is tons of fun!  I show the students a video about circle painting.  We learned that the creator of this project wants people to create in a community.  So that's what we did.  I put students into groups for this project.  They learned to share opinions respectfully and to work together to have a successful outcome.  I wanted this project to be about being creative - I didn't want it to be intimidating at all.  I allowed students to used only designs, lines and patterns - no letters, numbers or pictures.  I had plenty of examples for inspiration.  I also wanted students to learn how and when to use different brushes, like a small liner brush, for example, when making stripes.  Kids got to experiment with mixing colors on this project as well.  I warned them about mixing complementary colors, though! It leads to nothing but mud!

Day 1 - Draw overlapping circles
Day 2 & 3 - Paint

Day 4 - Use Sharpie to color in the areas between circles that are completely surrounded... 
then cut around the outside.

                                                        Click here for the original lesson.

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