Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nighttime Pumpkins

This project really helped 1st graders learn about primary and secondary colors, while also allowing them some creative freedom to produce an adorable art project.

First we looked at some pumpkins.  Then we drew some pumpkins and leaves in Sharpie on white paper.  Next, we talked about red, yellow, and blue being the most important colors, or the primary colors.  They are so important because you can make almost any other color by mixing them in a specific way.  I taught kids how to make the secondary colors by first painiting the pumpkin yellow and then adding red right on top of the yellow and mixing the two together.  There were lots of excited gasps as my yellow and red turned orange!  We used the same process for the leaves - starting with yellow and then adding a bit of blue to make green.  We didn't use purple, but we made brown by mixing all three primary colors together.

The next week, we used oil pastels to draw glowing stars and a moon in a night sky.  I explained to kids that it gets dark earlier right now because the earth is tilting away from the sun as it revolves, that's why our pumpkins are on a nighttime background.  Next, kids cut out their leaves and pumpkins and glued them to the sky.  The finishing touch was adding white highlights to the pumpkin and curly vines to the stem.
We started with primary colors...
then we made secondary colors!

These are the results of day one.

The final product!
Click here for the original lesson.

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