Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keith Haring Project

This project is a keeper!  I love the artwork of Keith Haring, who started making chalk drawings in subways in New York City subways.  His artwork is very recognizable - it's bright, it's bold, and it's all about people.  We looked at many of his paintings, murals, and sculptures and noticed that he used lots of lines to show movement. In our project, we made a person out of paper strips.  Students used a ruler to measure strips to make sure that our person was proportional.  Then we had fun positioning the arms and legs to show a gesture.  Next, we glued them to black paper.  Finally, we added a heart (often found in Haring art) and movement lines with a metallic permanent marker.

As a bonus project when they were done early, kids colored a Haring coloring sheet that I taped together to create a bulletin board.