Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jim Dine's "LOVE"

We completed this project in two phases: Phase 1 - designing a foam printing plate and printing four successful prints; Phase 2 - studying Jim Dine's art and assembling a project inspired by his art.
We talked about why art is printed.  It can be more graphic, it's reproducible, it's fun!  Students drew with a ball point pen on a foam sheet.  They did not include words or numbers, as they would appear backward when printed.  I encouraged them to stick with patterns, lines, and shapes and to avoid pictures because these printed papers would be used on a project the next week.  Students chose both paper color and ink color thoughtfully.  Printing blue ink on blue paper wouldn't work out, for example.

The next art class we looked at art from Jim Dine.  His pop art has been on Christmas cards and on postage stamps.   His iconic LOVE image has been turned into huge sculptures that are on display in several cities in the United States and around the world.  We discussed how art can be found everywhere and anywhere!  There is art on your shirt, in parks, on buildings...
Students then cut out large letters and a heart to glue on top of their prints to create their own Jim Dine-inspired LOVE art.

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