Friday, January 13, 2017


Third graders enjoyed a lesson in block printing today!  Students embossed styrofoam printing plates with lines, patterns, and designs using a ballpoint pen.  We did not draw pictures, as the printed papers will be used as background in another project. I did not allow letters or numbers, either, because they would be reversed when printed.

We used water-soluble ink in four colors; red, white, blue, and yellow.  Students chose from precut papers in a variety of colors.  I warned them that printing yellow on yellow paper would not work out very well! Choose colors that have good contrast.
Students moved to the printing stations with their paper and their plate.  After each print, they had to wash off their plate with a damp paper towel at the washing station.  Some students worked very efficiently and were able to print more than 4, while others only got 2 or 3 done.  I was a little nervous about the procedures involved in this project, but the kids did great!  They loved it and 
enjoyed successful printing!

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