Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pirate Ships

I love to make collages with painted paper.  Students get the experience of creatively using color and texture to make the paper with worrying about making a picture.  Then they get to use their really cool paper to make a collage.  The theme for Reading Month at Soo Hill was "pirates", so I came up with this collage project to go with the theme.

Students painted three pieces of paper on day one.  One for the water, one for the ship, and one for the sky.
Here, Dominic is dragging a comb across the brown paint to make wood texture.

Breleigh is using a sponge to make clouds with white and gray paint.

Brielle is making texture in the blue and green paint with the end of her paint brush.

The next week, we tore the blue paper into waves and glued the strips in layers at the bottom of the sky paper.  Next, students drew a ship on the back of the brown painted paper and cut it out.  They added sails with white paper and drew details in Sharpie.

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