Thursday, April 14, 2016

Leroy Neiman Lions

I started a new chapter in my art room this past January.  I have the privilege of teaching begindergarten art class at Soo Hill and Webster!  I did have some trepidation while preparing lessons: How independent can they be?  What can they draw on their own?  How will I know if I'm giving too many directions?  What will thier attention span be like?  Now that I've been working with them for a couple of months, I am feeling more comfortable and confident with my choices of lessons.  This one is a keeper!  
This is a one-day drawing project that uses only oil pastels.  I showed students some of Leroy Neiman's art - he specializes in athletes and animals, and usually uses lots of bright colors.  Then I led students through a step-by-step drawing of a lion's face.  We talked about lines as we drew the mane.  They were very proud of their drawings!

The original lesson came from this blog.

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