Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Landscape Paintings

3rd graders loved painting this sophisticated painting!  They were thrilled to be painting something so realistic - it's not a little kid paining AT ALL.  This project took two days to complete and we discussed many vocabulary words, such as: landscape, value, shades, tints, horizon line, monochromatic, light source, and shadow.  This painting really packs in a lot of learning.  
Day 1:  Students had their own paint palettes with blue and white paint on them.  We painted the snow and the sky.  They learned how to make tints by adding one brush-full of blue at a time to the white paint.  These tints became the rings around the moon.
Day 2:  I taught students how to paint realistic-looking conifers.  They mixed a shade of blue on a shared paint palette to paint the trees.  We practiced painting the trees on smaller paper before painting on the sky backgrounds.  We also discussed that odd numbers look more interesting to the eye; so we painted three trees.  We talked about not lining them up and not making them all the same size, so they would look more natural and interesting. Students mixed a tint of blue to paint shadows for their trees.  Some chose to add footprint shadows in the snow.

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