Thursday, December 17, 2015

Torn paper trees

Second graders created these gorgeous Christmas trees!  This stunning project takes three classes to complete.
Day 1:  Students painted 9X12 white paper in the style of Eric Carle.  They used green paint as the donminant color, but then added dots, lines, and swirls of other colors.  To add texture, students dragged a comb across the colors while the paint was wet.  Fun fun fun!
Day 2:  Students focused on texture as they ripped a tree trunck from brown construction paper and branches from the painted green paper.  It was tricky to build the tree.  They had to make sure the branches got narrower as they went up the tree.  This is also a good project to talk about proper gluing techniques!  Not too much, just enough.
Day 3:  Students used shiny paper to tear garland, ornaments, and a star.  Then they glued the whole project to a colored piece of construction paper for nice finish.

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