Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Congratulations Youth In Art Winners!!!

Last Thurday I had the opportunity to attend the annual Youth In Art exhibit and award ceremony at the Bonifas Fine Arts Center.  I was so glad to see so many smiling faces and happy families - it's a wonderful event!  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the students from my classes whose artwork was awarded special recognition at the ceremony:

Upper Elementary:  Dawson Lambert, Paige Wellman, Daniel Anderson, Katrina Chouinard, Shailee Makosky, Zoe Anderson, Rylie Mason and Hunter Gauthier.  These kids won for their circle painting group project.

A large group project called "A Rainbow of Monochromatic Self-Portraits" won two ribbons.  There were 36 kids whose self-portraits appeared on this project.

Lemmer: Travis Quinn's paper strip sculpture and MacKenzie Clarks self-portrait won ribbons.

Soo Hill:  Abigail Scannell's Starry Night won two awards.

Webster:  Anna-Lisa Tryan's Asian dragon, Adelia Kang's snowman, Charles Field's scarecrow, and Caitlyn Davenport's abstract trees all won awards.

I'm so proud of you all!  If you haven't yet, remember to visit the gallery to see this amazing exhibit.  It runs until April 18th.

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