Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gingerbread Boys and Girls

This is a great one-day project for any age.  We started by tracing a gingerbread shape on 9X12 drawing paper with pencil.  Then, draw over the pencil with brown oil pastel.  Next, add frosting decorations with oil pastel.  I demonstrated for the kids how cool the white oil pastel is because it really pops right through when we added the watercolor paint.  They loved the freedom and creativity of this part of the project.  I saw vests, pants, necklaces, boots, ties, buttons, etc!  Last, we painted the cookie brown and the background any color with watercolor sets.  For first graders, this part is magic!  There were lots of ooohs and ahhhhs as their oil pastel showed up through the paint.

1. Trace
2. Add oil pastel
3. Paint
4. Beautiful!
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