Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Circle Weaving

Third graders have begun one of their favorite projects of the year - circle weaving.  We talked about vocabulary like loom, weaving, warp and weft.  Students learned that the purpose of weaving is to make cloth - all cloth is woven, whether on a small hand loom, or on a huge weaving machine in a factory.  I discussed the kinds of fibers used to make cloth, like wool and cotton and how people originally grew their own cotton plants, harveted the cotton, spun the cotton into thread, and finally wove it into cloth before they could make their own clothes.  That's alot to think about when we can so easily go to the store and buy ready-made clothing for very little money!

We started with a cardboard circle and cut 11 notches around the outside.  Then, following a pattern, we added the yarn for the warp.  Next, kids started the weaving process by attaching the yarn used for the weft in the center of the warp.  The rest is easy - over, under, over, under - REPEAT!

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