Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Falling" Self-Portrait

In this picture we talked a lot about space in a work of art.  How do artists make things appear close or far away?  We made sure we did some layering, foreshortening, and put in lots of details on the things that were up close - like the hands and the shoes.  Students had to observe the lines on the soles of their shoes and try to draw what they saw.  For the background, students could fall into whatever they wanted. We had some fall into the mouth of a dino, into a bathtub, into a pb&j, into a volcano, etc.  The face was the fun part.  We made faces at each other to see what we would look like if we were falling - big eyes, big mouths, wild hair!  We drew with pencil, outlined with marker, and colored with crayon.